7. German Scottie Weekend 2015

On 5. & 6. September 2015, the Scottie Weekend took place on the premisses of the dog club SGV Köppern .

Many Scottie fanciers got together on this spacious and nice place and were taken care of by the members of the local club.

The atmosphere was very nice and friendly both days, the weather was cool, but dry during the event.


The Funday on Saturday had a nice attendance (approx. 30 -40 dogs and owners from near and far).
A group from our German Scottie rescue “Scotties in Not” was present and sold some Scottie items (and got some donations, too).

As in previous years, the program included the Fun Parcour, an Agility Intro (thanks to Otto Lott for his support) and the famous Scottie race.




Fun parcour


Scottie race

As a new highlight, our Scotties could show their hunting skills and attitude in a coursing trial. The necessary equipment was generously provided by Ute and Wolfgang Pelludat (many thanks for your support).


With loud hunt barking, older and younger Scotties chased the artificial rabbit over a significant track. The excitement of owners and dogs was one-of-a-kind. And everybody (dogs as well as owners) concluded: this calls for a repetition next time!

During the whole afternoon, we had cool, but dry weather. Only when most of the participants gathered for the barbecue dinner in the evening (thanks to the club SGV Köppern for the excellent preparation!), it started raining - but that could not derogate the high spirits,

And at this time, the winners of our events were celebrated:Dabei gab es dann auch die Siegerehrung der Spaßwettbewerbe.

Winner of the fun parcour was “Toffie” owned by Petra Engel, which performed also very well in previous years.


The Scottie race included sport as well as “slapstick” leading to ecstatic reactions among the crowd repeatedly. The winner had to be determined in a run-off as all contestors came in very closely due to the (too) short racetrack.

The winner of the Scottie race was eventually “Polli” owned by Anka Holz (a rescue Scottie only recently rehomed)

Both winners could take home a wonderful Scottie drawing and a sash (for the dog).

Our judge for next day’s Scottie-Special was an thrilled observer of the whole event and posted live pictures to Norway commenting “I’ve never seen something so nice before. Our clubs in Norway need to do something similar some time soon”.

---> Here you’ll find the complete pictures from our fun day

---> And here you’ll find a video recorded by a participant

---> And here are the comments of our judge Jul Hamlot

On Sunday, the Scottie Special Open Show took place. As our judge, we invited Jul Hamlot from Norway.
He is a well-known Terrier specialist and a true dog lover (which you can feel when he handles the dogs). And actually, he owned and bred Scotties long time ago (the first international Scottie Champion in Norway was owned by him and his wife!).

26 Scotties were entered, including 2 pets/ Newcomer. 4 dogs were absent, including a bitch which was present but could not be shown as she broke a toe nail the day before.

The other three absent dogs were withdrawn by their owners in an act of “solidarity” with a prominent exhibitor who failed to enter in time despite the long entry period. When she asked for entering her dogs after closing, we could unfortunately not accept that due to regular organizational issues.

Jul Hamlot judged the 22 dogs present smoothly and with a lot of sympathy. His winners were:


Scottie Special Winner Dogs

Lomondview Navigator
(Own. Marcel Reuter)


Scottie Special Winner Bitches

Quicksilver’s Anoush Sally
(Own. Elke & Jörg Stephan)


Scottie Special Junior Winner Bitches

Evita Katullus
(Own. Anna Swoboda.Wojdyla)


Best Brace

Heath Hill Samurai / Evita Katullus
(Own. U. Luig/ A. Swoboda-Wojdyla)


Best Breeding Group

Heath Hill Samurai/ Aberdeen Coco Chanel/ Aberdeen Chilli Pepper/ Evita Katullus/ Emil Katullus/ Caeldoch Honey Pie
(Own. Ute Luig/ E. Bauer-Croon/ Fam. Wirtz/ A. Swoboda/ Fam. Pfeifer/ I. Schade))


Best Baby

Quicksilver’s Evaleen Mae
(Own. Elke & Jörg Stephan)


Best Puppy

Stalwart’s Game of Thrones
(Own. Ute Luig)


Best Junior

Evita Katullus
(Own. Anna Swoboda.Wojdyla)


Best Veteran

Charthill Silver Legacy
(Own. Familie Möhl)


Best Newcomer

Artill mac Mata av Lisellund
(Own. Matthias Nagel)




Lomondview Navigator
(Own. Marcel Reuter)

Evita Katullus
(Own. Anna Swoboda-Wojdyla)

    Detailled results of all dogs can be found in our Results Database.

---> Here you’ll find the complete pictures from the Scottie Special

At the end of the 2 days, all participants went home with a smile on their faces and expressed their desire to repeat this next year in the same format.