Scottie Special 2014

The Scottie Special 2014 took place on Sunday, July 6, 2014 as part of the double CAC show of the North Thuringia Club at the Possen show ground in Thuringia.

In recent years, many people expressed their desire to hold the Scottie Special in conjunction with a regular CAC show to allow the winners to gain championship tickets as well. Therefore, we decided this year to join the show weekend at Possen.

After the first CAC show on Saturday and a small dinner at the Possen restaurant, the Special was held on Sunday. The show organizers provided a separate ring just for Scotties.

Scotties were judged by Enrique Mate Duran from Spain, and his nice and friendly attitude towards dogs as well as exhibitors was greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, only 21 dogs were presented, even though some exhibitors showed up which never attended a Scottie Special before. Newcomers/pets were absent completely - most likely as a dog show without an additional fun event was not attractive enough for pet owners and fanciers.

But due to the low entry and our own sparate ring, the judging of the classes and special competitions could be held with great comfort and very relaxed.

The winners were:

Dogs CAC and Special Winner:
Lucky Star’s Mr. Mortimer

Bitches Veteran-CAC:
Glammys Black Satin


Bitches JuniorCAC and Special Junior Winner:
Lucky Star’s Miss Undercover


Bitches CAC and Special Winner:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star of Dominoscots

Best Brace Lucky Star’s Mr. Mortimer/ Lucky Star’s Miss Undercover

Beste Progeny: Lucky Star‘s

Best Veteran: Glammys Black Satin

Best Baby: Euri-Escot Famous

Best Puppy: Quicksilver’s Anoush Sally

Best Junior: Lucky Star’s Miss Undercover


BOB: Stuart The Little ze Szkocgiego Wzgorza, Own. Dominika Kubisz (PL)
BOS: Lucky Star’s Miss Undercover, Own. Viola Rogulus

Pictures from the dogs shown made on the judging table can be found  -----> here

Many additional pictures taken by a professional photographer can be found  -----> here
(pictures can be ordered there as well)