The Scottish Terrier


Scottie, pipe cleaner, briquet dog


The Scottish highlands


In the old days, rat killer and tough den hunter on foxes and badgers. Today, elegant companion and funny partner of extraordinary people.


Height at withers approx. 26 - 28 cm, weight 10 - 12 kg,
a powerful dog on short legs.
Thick, harsh double coat protecting him against wind and rain,
long furnishings and beard which nevertheless repel dirt if groomed on a regular basis.
The most common color is black, but also brindles and “wheatens” exist.
Very typical head piece with long beard, eyebrows and prick ears, a strong mouth with extraordinary big teeth.

Attention: he goes to the hairdresser regularly in order to maintain its typical appearance and the wheather-protecting jacket.


A dog for all occasions!
He impresses as a companion at shopping tours but this goblin also shows lots of energy in dog sport and hunting.
Very self-confident presence, on the one hand independent and strict, on the other hand playful. He can lie in the corner of your apartment quietly for a long time, but all of a sudden he chases through the garden and expels all intruders.
Despite his long coat, he does not loose much hair provided regular grooming.


His charming character combined with self-confidence and unique appearance can make you addicted!

Once a Scottie, always a Scottie!


Attention by and curious contacts with all people whom one meets with him. And a mate with whom one can undertake a lot in spite of the short legs.

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