Information about the Scottish Terrier Förderverein

The Scottish Terrier Förderverein (Scottish Terrier Supporters Association) is a part of the German Terrier Club (Klub für Terrier e.V).

Its members are breeders, owners and fanciers of the breed. To-date, the Förderverein accounts for approx. 200 members. An up-to-date membership list can be seen here

The objective of the association is to further the breeding of Scottish Terriers and to support the work of breeders and fanciers. The responsibility for breeding regulations and registration remains with the parent club.

We want to improve on the positive aspects and characteristics of the breed, fight diseases and provide information about the breed.

Additionally, we will consult on kynological issues around the breed.

As the support group for Scottish Terriers we will work in the interest of the parent club Klub für Terrier e.V. and cooperate with it in all breed-specific aspects.

The Förderverein offers a number of interesting and informative articles for sale.
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The annual membership fee is 15,-- Euro only (20,-- Euro for foreign members)
(10,-- Euro for additional family members).

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