4th German Scottie-Weekend 2011

Aussicht Battenberg

Here we are again on  August 06: the 4th Scottie-Weekend took place. And because of the nice property, the roomy building protecting us from the weather and the affordable rooms in the area we chose the Festhalle Battenberg again as our location.

The  local "suppliers" (hall stewart, catering, beverages, decoration) were well known and very supportive, because due to fact that our local support moved last year, everything had to be organized remotely via phone. But this worked much better than we expected - we even hired cleaning staff for the building.

Friday afternoon, the first set-up team got together, the rest joining in Saturday morning. With this highly motivated group of people, we managed to get everything in place well before the start.

Little by little, the guests showed up at lunchtime - some people who participated for many years and never missed a single Scottie-Weekend , but also new-bees and even a few prospects without a Scottie (yet). We could even welcome guests from Italy and Mallorca!
Overall, there were approx. 50 people and even more Scotties showing up.

After some welcome drinks (again offered by Maren Bichel  as a tradition) the program started.

As the first event, Gabi Tauss (who stepped in for Otto Lott who was on vacation - thank you very much for that) demonstrated the agility run. She only brought her young and still a bit inexperienced bitch but she delivered a very nice performance despite the unaccustomed amount of spectators and the new location.
Afterwards, it was the guests and their dogs turn - and everybody gathered first experiences of agility with a lot of discipline and the skilled guidance by Gabi.


At the same time, many dogs and owners tried our fun parcour. This time, the results were unexpectedly good. Perhaps, some dogs memorized the games from previous years - so we need to create some new ideas for the next year’s run.



As a thunderstorm approached, we had to quickly disassemble everything outside (thanks to the many helpers) and we just moved the track for the Scottie race into the building - fortunately we have a building!). For those trying to motivate their race Scotties with a ball, the balls hitting some obstacles became a challenge as the dogs didn’t really know where to run after the bouncing balls. But there were nevertheless a number of really fast runners that chased over the short track spured on by the cheering crowd.

Afterwards, we celebrated the winners:

Gabi Tauss


Winner fun parcours (with max. points!):

The fastest in the Scottie race:





Portia and Petra Detemple

Freddie and Mrs. Flori










As our final event, we had a dinner buffet together while watching some interesting videos about movement studies in dogs (including Scotties!) published by the VDH book “Dogs in Motion”.

Hunde in Bewegung




The Scottie-Special on Sunday only had 27 entries - this is the lowest number since we held the Special in connection with the Scottie Weekend. And that despite of a very well-known judge selected by a membership poll! While decreasing entries are a common phenomenon these days and some exhibitors were absent due to schedule and other personal issues, many otherwise active exhibitors simply missed a wonderful opportunity and avoided inexplicably to present their dogs to a long-term breeder and judge from our breeds homeland.

This, on the other hand, resulted in a very relaxed show atmosphere and our judge Liz Bradley could take lots of time to go over each dog and write very elaborate critiques.

After a very nice final in the ring of honour, many participants stayed to help with cleaning up. So we could leave all together - with the exception of a few enthusiast who stayed over another night in their campers.




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Lots of photos  you can see
Many thanks to Michael Poth, Elvira Fischer. Ewa Zawadzki Maren Bichel-Schnock and Jörg Stephan

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Question and answers from our judge Liz Bradley

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