CAC Rüden/ CAC Dogs

Anzahl von CAC  
Name Ergebnis
Sir Darnley's Windsor Wizard 7
Donald Duck della Roccacia di Modigliana 7
Fool Falling In Love of Dominoscots 6
Heath Hill Samurai 6
Lucky Star’s Mr. Mortimer 5
Benelly Hanno 4
Sir Darnley's Xactly Xanadutch 4
Flash in the Night Dai Hard 4
Dalmor Pearl Dancer 3
Scottish Pride Especially 3
Golden Pirate of Wild Briar 2
Galaxy Star of Newlands 2
Filiste Brash Kingly Step 2
Full of Fire of Dominoscots 2
Noblescot Alexander Pope 2
Sir Darnley's Volcano Vance 2
Montague of Black Smiley 1
Gilmore vom Hohen Elbufer 1
Ashgate Going for Gold 1
Black Beauty's Admiral Ashton 1
Benelly Barney Boy 1
Skailain's Louis Le Roi Soleil 1
Amko de Montserrat 1
Bullstation's Bed and Breakfast 1
Scotline Star Man 1
Black Beauty's Amazing Sun 1
Follow Me Telek of Bock's Clan 1
Another Story of Makintosh vom Rahmbruch 1
Filisite Brash Tattoo by Spirit 1
Lomondview Going Dutch 1
Irmin des Vicklands 1
Paisley Master Fidux 1
Q'Pack's Heavenly Quizical 1
Gesamtergebnis 78
Anzahl Hunde 27